Back to School

Jun 20, 2024

Taking our MD back to School. 

Our Founder & MD Daniel Lewis was put to the test earlier this week by year 3 at Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School with thanks to Sarah Homewood.

Mr Lewis started off by showcasing his business ‘FreeAgent’ a bespoke and exclusive estate agency.

He told Year 3 all about how he has always lived in and around Worcester and always wanted to do a job that was related to property and houses.

Mr Lewis described how he came up with a niche that made his work popular locally and on social media, creating content by recording himself whilst describing a property up for sale, this has developed further into shorter descriptions following a video of the property to keep up with viewership change and attention.

This went on to giving year 3 a challenge.

They had to listen and watch one of his companies’ videos on a recent sold property, guessing how much the property sold for.

Whilst the video was playing, Mr Lewis stopped at key points to give further details into: how the video was made, the equipment used such as drones for the arial shots, the key features of the property and the background story of how the property has come to where it is today.

The children and staff all guessed on a post-it note, placed their ideas on one of his business signs and then were told who came the closest.

Mr Lewis ended the presentation with asking the children for any questions, to which a lot were asked and answered all about him as a person, him as a business man and more about his job within property. 

Daniel described it as a great experience and hoped to inspire someone in the room!

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